The New Face Of English Learning In Japan??!! (Part III)

Following hot on the heels of my appearances on, my company website and a fair few posters my image has again surfaced albeit only the back of my head! At the start of May ‘The Globe’ (the company’s own quarterly newspaper for all its students but actually read by very few of them!) interviewed a schoolgirl student of mine and took a load of ‘action’ shots of her in my lesson. No staged photos here but my instruction was to just make her laugh which wasn’t too hard really as she’s always been easily amused during my year and a bit of teaching her!

The interview basically just covers her six years at our school in terms of her homestays in England and Hawaii, her English-speaking experiences, strengths (listening), her goals (improve speaking) and future dreams. Sadly she didn’t say much about me other than that i was always funny (told you she was easily amused!!) which is of course nice. No mention of my actual teaching though!!

The newspaper is on the web but only available in PDF format so I have taken a few shots with my mobile camera and for those with poor sight the photo with ‘Zoom In’ at the top is the one of me teaching my lesson.

‘The Globe’ have also wheeled out some photos and a report on the Big Red Bus Day which I was part of many months ago in March. This is not my first time in the newspaper though as I also made an appearance a couple of years back after a student of mine won a prize which i had to give to him in typical photograph presentation style. For what its worth I played absolutely no part in him entering the competition. Just the fact that I was his teacher meant my mug-shot was shown.

I’m fairly sure that some of my colleagues are getting sick of seeing my face but to be honest I quite like this z-list fame at my company as its good self promotion and some people are even foolish enough to think I’m a good teacher because of these appearances! Not The Best Way To Get A-Head In Life!

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