Tokyo Sea Life Park – Fish Pun Special!

You can’t kipper good company down so in return for working the national holiday last Monday we cod have the following day off so I went to Tokyo Sea Life Park in Kasai Rinkaikoen which is a cheap plaice at only 700 yen (less than three squid so basically a fin-fin situation!).

I’ve never really been one for aquarium type places but thought I’d break the halibut of a lifetime and trout myself to a day out despite the terrible weather. Unlike my recent India trip I won’t carp on about this one.

This sea life park has tried to reproduce aquatic habitats and on the whelk-in was a huge donut-shaped tank (2,200t) where massive bluefin tunas swim around freely though I couldn’t see this until inside. There was loads of marine life from all over the world in the tanks but what I was more interested in seeing was the three types of Penguins outside and visible without a glass window in the way.

Anyway, you have probably haddock up to here with the fish puns (maybe they are making you feel eel and you are in need of kelp but don’t hake me for them!!) but I thought I should crab this opportunity to use more than just a sole pun.

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4 Responses to Tokyo Sea Life Park – Fish Pun Special!

  1. Gideon says:

    Groan! (15x) Actually, I was taking a photo of a man in a fish-market the other day, when he suddenly started making cat noises and actually put a fish in his mouth, so you’re not the only one making fish jokes.

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