Australia 2007 Pt III – Tasmania, Launceston

I got a good soaking at 5am on Sunday 12th August as I walked to the pick up point for my Airport bus. Typically, it stopped as soon as I got there! I checked into Launceston City Backpackers on arrival in Tasmania and went out straight away as no time to waste. 15 minutes later and I was at Cataract Gorge, the undoubted highlight of the area, where I took an easy stroll along the riverside trail to Kings Bridge where I was in a bit of a dilemma as to whether to continue on or turn back knowing that I wanted to visit a dam back the other way.

Luckily I got talking to a couple who offered me a lift to the power station lookout at Duck Reach which was two kilometres away on foot and on top of that they also drove me to Trevallyn Dam where we whiled away far longer than was right waiting for a log or two to make its way towards the edge before plummeting. An anti-climax if ever there was one!

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After that I had a go at cable hang-gliding which was something I had read about and wanted to do. As I glided over the edge of the cliff and across the valley to my destination 200 metres away the feeling was quite good but nowhere near as stomach-churning as I’d hoped. Still, what can you expect for just A$20?!

There didn’t seem to be too much on offer in the city and that was made even worse given the fact that it was a Sunday and many things were therefore closed. I saw the Japanese Macaque monkeys in the city park and walked around the Aurora Stadium and that was about it until the early evening when I went to watch the fantastic ‘Simpsons Movie‘ as it’s not out in Japan yet or ever likely to be!

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