Australia 2007 Pt V – Tasmania, Hobart

I was up early out of habit and had to wait around to take the 9.30am bus to Hobart where I checked in to Central City Backpackers which was surprisingly quite nice. I had to make some pretty quick decisions once at reception regarding what I’d do that that afternoon and the following day. Mount Wellington summit eventually won over the Cadbury’s chocolate Factory for much the same reasons that I never went to the Boags brewery in Launceston or the Cascade brewery in Hobart because as much as I like these things I don’t know if I really care so much how they’re made.

The afternoon tour up the mountain was ruined by a lot of cloud and a complete ar*e of a bus driver who I had an argument with on the descend. As we were ascending the mountain it was obviously very cloudy and he said we would stop on the way back down to get some photos.

It was absolutely freezing at the peak and myself and the three asian girls on the bus wandered around for a bit and waited patiently for the cloud to clear which it eventually did a few times for a matter of seconds. Given that we had paid A$25 for that two hour trip (starting late and finishing early on top of that!) I was certainly expecting a quick photo stop at a clearer point on the way down but when I asked about that he gave me some b*llocks about it clearing up wonderfully from where he was sat in the van which it so didn’t.

Australia Aug '07 056 Australia Aug '07 025 The pinnacle of Mt Wellington Australia Aug '07 072

Back in Hobart city I walked around Salamanca Place and Battery Point still fuming about the idiot driver. They were fairly pleasant areas of sandstone restaurants, shops, galleries, craft shops and offices but nothing too special in my mind. I later ended up in the wharf area where I had fresh fish and chips on one of the many seafood barges.

Fish and chip barges Hobart Harbour Australia Aug '07 266 Mount Wellington at sunset

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