Toshimaen Amusement Park

On Friday the 24th of August I went to Toshimaen Amusement Park which is a 15 minute train ride away from where I live. Sadly we didn’t have so long there as we only got there at 2pm and it was also quite mild for a day in the ridiculously hot and humid August.

Swimming pools in Japan seem to have very little to do with swimming. These areas are full of inflatables and people just lying around drinking and eating and then theres also the J-girls doing their make-up and acting cute in maybe the only country in the world where they can wear heels with their swimsuits and not be considered tarty!

The highlights are (apart from the many many cute girlies!) of course the slides and due to the queues in this place I only bothered to go on two. The first was your twisty type descending from up-high and was quite painful as my feet got smacked round against the side and the second was a speed one which I didn’t see to much of as there was so much water sprayed in my face along the way down a big dip. A good adrenalin rush though!

Most people drifted away between 5pm and 6pm and after that it was time for the rides. We didn’t have a pass for all the rides but could pay for them individually which means that you don’t go on anywhere near as many rides. Being very choosy we only did the one and that was the 500 yen Cyclone. It was really good and maybe this was heightened by the fact that there was just a simple waist seatbelt for protection while we were seated on velvety seats in a log looking rollercoaster with a few dips and a long dark tunnel part.

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