Australia 2007 Pt VII – Melbourne Again

The 4.45am airport shuttle took me to Hobart Airport for my 6am flight back to Melbourne and I was surprised to bump into colleague Mark in the waiting lounge who i climbed Mount Fuji with. After a slight delay I was back in Melbourne at 7.30am and took a tram to the Royal Melbourne Zoo as I felt I should tick the ‘see kangaroos and koalas’ box on my imaginary checklist.

I didn’t visit this zoo six years ago as I did something similar in Sydney but this was quite a good one with the chances of getting up quite close to some animals without a huge fence or glass window in the way. The kangaroos were fairly free and the Emu’s were roaming around too making me feel a little paranoid as I posed for a photo or two in front of them.

Emu's Australia Aug '07 093 These Gorilla's must have had an argument! Giraffe meets Zebra finally the koala looks in my direction! Peccaries

After exchanging yet more money at a good exchange rate I bought plenty of tacky souvenirs for my students and headed back to Ruth’s to spend a final afternoon with her and baby Eifion which we did with a simple walk down to the cafe by the local beach and then I even experienced the excitement of changing a nappy for the first time but will it be the last time?!!

Australia Aug '07 313 Australia Aug '07 314 Australia Aug '07 311 Australia Aug '07 308

Australia was really the place that kickstarted the travel-bug in me all those years ago and had became forgotten in some ways but this little trip certainly made me remember what I had liked about the country and why I had gone ‘down under’ in the first place.

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