Lets Get Quizical II

Three weeks ago it was the second Shibuya Pub Quiz for my school where a handful of students, teachers (all sporting wigs and Japan headbands) and the school manager gathered for an evening of British pub culture………or something like that. Sadly it was a case of ‘hero to zero’ for me as I went from champ (2007) to chump in the space of a year for the simple reason that the right questions just didn’t come up and the fact that I didn’t write any of the questions this year! Better to get the wooden spoon/booby prize than nothing at all is what I say!

ShibuyaPubQuiz Apr '08 001 ShibuyaPubQuiz Apr '08 002 ShibuyaPubQuiz Apr '08 003 ShibuyaPubQuiz Apr '08 011 ShibuyaPubQuiz Apr '08 012 ShibuyaPubQuiz Apr '08 015 ShibuyaPubQuiz Apr '08 017 ShibuyaPubQuiz Apr '08 018

After that some of us went to a karaoke room to sing, drink and play poker which I had never played before and probably never will play again which is probably no bad thing as its not the kind of thing I want to get addicted to. I only lost a very small amount but generally had no idea what I was doing and just got bullied out of ever recovering any lost ground.

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