Sick As A Dog (And A Parrot!!)

This not only refers to feeling down following Leicesters relegation to the third tier for the first time ever but also to the general state of my health since I got back from Thailand. In my adult life I have never really felt ill for more than a few hours so when I woke up at 7:30 am on Wednesday morning rushing for the toilet what began was the start of a countless number of return trips throughout the day. Even Anne Frank didn’t make that many diarrhoea entries!!

With my late start on the first day back at work I thought from my history that I would be fine by the time I had to go to work. That was not the case though as I felt so faint when I stood up that I began to wonder how I would get through the day as it was by then way way too late for me to call in sick.

Just as I thought I couldn’t go on I managed to dig deep and use some ‘never say die’ spirit to muster enough energy to get myself to work and do what was a very short day consisting of only kids lessons which may have been better for me as it meant I was moving around constantly. I also suffered a complete loss of appetite, high fever, a headache, weak knees, heavy arms, little energy and with diarrhoea on top of all it takes a lot out you I can tell you……quite literally!

Personally I prefer to let nature run its own cause rather than interfere via medication which is a far contrast to the Japanese way from my experience in class. Whenever i’ve done any advice lessons they always suggest taking medicine or going to the Doctors or the Hospital which is maybe why, for example, women about to give birth in this country are increasingly being turned away but thats another story altogether.

I am still not sure what the cause of my illness was but its likely to be due to the change in diet in Thailand mixed together with too much sun, not enough sleep, a lot of activity. One thing for sure is that it wasn’t hereditary diarrhoea as it didn’t run in my jeans!!

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