I Choo Choo Choose To Be A Trainspotter!

Tokyo’s 13th train line opened last weekend linking Ikebukuro to Shibuya and for me this should be good news as it runs through my area of Zoshigaya which is one stop away from Ikebukuro. It may have taken me three years to finally ride the nearby street car (basically a tram which I only rode for the first time a few weeks back) but with the newly opened Fukutoshin line I was on it like a flash trying it out on the second and fourth days of opening.

While it’s almost part of life for there to be train problems in the UK its quite rare in Tokyo but delays have seemingly been happening quite a lot on this new line (including the second time I used it) which has put me off from using it for a while but no doubt things will be fine in a few weeks when all the staff and commuters are more accustomed to its workings. I may have been a bit of a trainspotter but I certainly wasn’t the only one and for the otaku (geeks) there were even model Fukutoshin trains on sale at some stations for about £10.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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