An “Eeeexxxxcellent” Time With My Visitor From Osaka

Was very happy to meet up a couple of times recently with my mate Keisuke who was over from Osaka on business. We first met in Perth seven years ago and despite slight communication problems we somehow got on very well and drove across Australia from the West coast to Sydney via Adelaide and Melbourne.

The guy hasn’t had a day off for over 100 days but we managed to go out for food and drinks and talk absolute nonsense as well as reminiscing yet again about our time ‘Down Under’ which my girlfriend, who was present, didn’t actually get bored by as I suspected she might.

keisukevisitJuly08 009 keisukevisitJuly08 011 keisukevisitJuly08 012 keisukevisitJuly08 014

Keisuke’s girlfriend Yumi joined us all on the latter meeting as can be seen in a few photos below as well as our re-creation of Mr Burns (from The Simpsons) saying “Excellent” (muttered slowly in a low, sinister voice while tenting the fingertips) which I taught Keisuke all those years ago. I can assure you that my present position as a teacher in Japan is not so related to teaching such meaningless catchphrases!

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1 Response to An “Eeeexxxxcellent” Time With My Visitor From Osaka

  1. Richard says:

    the gash-man…what a guy!  always smiling, always putting his hands in weird positions….

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