Tokyo Daytripper: Fuji-Q Highland

A very early start for myself and Ethan a few weeks back as we took the train (for all the buses were booked up) to Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park in the foreground of Japan’s iconic mountain. This was our third visit each and the first time since we went in August a couple of years back.

It was absolutely packed then and we had to wait three hours for then new ride Eejanaika. Our hope in going this late in the season was that it would be empty and we would be able to ride the big ‘uns a few times. No such luck sadly as we still had to wait about an hour for the main four rides and the fact that the park closes at 5pm out of the Summer season meant we had no time for any duplicate rides.

Couldn’t be bothered to waste time taking photos of the rollercoasters but did take a couple at Thomas Land (a kids area based on Thomas The Tank Engine which is simply known as Thomas in Japan) which we walked through on our lunch-break.

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