Christmas Lessons 2008 – Kids

That’s work over for another year and its gotta be said that I am already tired of Christmas. I know its fairly common for people to say such a thing due to the commercialisation of the whole thing and the fact that its hard to escape the songs and decorations in the shops and department stores.

My problem is to do with having it on the brain a lot in the last month in terms of preparing and planning lessons for both kids and adults of whom a fair few really couldn’t give two hoots about such festivities. You may wonder therefore why we bother to do it at all but its kind of part of the curriculum and besides it is initially a nice break from the usual books.


Sensibly I kept last years self-made Christmas flashcards and my Santa costume and added a few more gimmicks such as the pooping reindeer (a chocolate ball drops out of its ar*e when you push down on its back – childish yes, but good fun!) and balloons to be blown up and put between the legs for a jumping ‘hunt the flashcard’ race.

No sweets could be given out due to some problem with allergies a while back so this time they got a cr*p package including a pencil, eraser and tissues which was rather embarassing to give them but I guess Christmas is all about disappointments!!

That was further apparent when it hit home to some students that these lessons weren’t that special after all and were indeed just a review of the usual b*llocks but with a very vague unsubtle Christmas twist on it. By that I mean changing games like ‘What time is it Mr Wolf (teaching the time, obviously) and the ‘Is there an (object) in the bag?’ guessing game to ‘What time is it Santa?’ and ‘Is there an (object) in the stocking?’ respectively. Ouch!


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