Tokyo Olympic Museum

With my home country getting ready for the 2012 Olympics and my adopted country hoping for a chance to host the 2016 games I decided to hit the Olympic trail the other Friday and visit my second museum in two days. Following the previous days visit to the Railway Museum, I went to the little known Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports Museum (a.k.a. the Tokyo Olympic Museum) inside the Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium.

25-26June2009 003  

The entrance was only 300 yen and the place was actually bigger than I expected with exhibits including the winner’s podium from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, torches, athletic uniforms, tickets, mascots, scale models and posters provide an impressive overview of the history of the Olympic Games.


There were also displays covering other sports such as rugby and football with some of the World Club Championship memorabilia on view. Certainly not a priority on any Tokyo sightseeing itinerary but a nice little addition to anyone with a keen interest in the Olympics.


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