Tokyo Daytripper: Did I Really Choo-Choo-Choose To Go To The Railway Museum?

Now I’m no train spotter but my interest in this form of transport was slightly heightened after reading Keith Lowe’s book ‘Tunnel Vision’ last year which is about a man who is challenged to visit every station of the London Underground in a single day. Trains in Japan are famous for being timed to perfection and are part of my everyday life so with nothing better to do last Thursday Ethan came up with the idea of us going to the Railway Museum in Omiya. This is a huge place and it was actually better than I thought it would be though I’m not sure if it justified the quite costly 1000 yen entrance.

This is a historical and education museum with enough knobs and buttons to play with in the learning hall to keep one interested. The railway model diaroma was probably the most interesting part offering the audience the chance to see a panoramic view of how everything works and how so many trains operate at the same time inter-connecting with each other.

Other attractions included an operation simulator (too much of a queue for us), a mini-shuttle train connecting the place with the park-zone shown in the pictures below, a collection of railway memorabilia including station signs, uniforms and photographs, and a number of historic carriages and steam engines.


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