Tokyo Daytripper: Life’s A Beach At Enoshima

It may have been sunny on September 11th but the beach at Enoshima was more-or-less empty as Japanese people tend to not go to the beach based on the calendar rather than the temperature which was about 29 degrees celsius at times. Once August has finished they seemingly just switch to Autumn mode which has been made notable by changes in fashion among the Japanese female population.

Enoshima 11 Sept '09 007 Enoshima 11 Sept '09 003

There is an island in Enoshima connected by a bridge which my friend Michael (from my TESOL course) and I visited first to work up a sweat before cooling off later in the sea. The island is a bit of a tourist trap with plenty of souvenir shops (one which has a ‘mouth of truth’ wish machine remnant of the real one which I visited in Rome last month) and restaurants as well as a shrine and botanical garden which I didn’t go in this time as we didn’t feel the need to waste money on the entrance fee. The glass tower in the garden sticks out from the top of the island and reminds me ever so slightly of Scaramanga‘s secret lair on James Bond Island as depicted in ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’.

There are many stairs, high slopes and hills on Enoshima which can lead to the rockpools and caves on the back of the island where dozens of hawks fly overhead. Elsewhere on the island there is also a lovers shrine featuring thousands of padlocks which I guess is a sign of their love or something like that. After that, we took to the beach and its dirty black sand where we consumed a few beers, went for a swim and fell asleep before heading home.

Enoshima 11 Sept '09 001 Enoshima 11 Sept '09 016 Enoshima 11 Sept '09 036 Enoshima 11 Sept '09 021

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