Euro Trip 2010 Pt XI: Split (Croatia)

….and so we have reached the 15th and final part in this Summers trip to Europe. I arrived in Split at 11am after a four hour journey from Mostar in Bosnia & Herzogovena and after enquiring at a few private homes I soon realised that the price would be more than what I paid in Dubrovnik. Every owner seemed to be charging for the price of two people which isn’t so much use for a lone traveller! Eventually I found a place to stay the night and set off through Diocletians Palace and took the #1 bus to Solin to see its ancient ruins.


While certainly not on the scale of those in Pompeii they were still impressive and on top of that the place was almost deserted and I saw less than 10 people over the two hours I was there. At the end of Solin was a second century amphitheatre (my third on this Euro trip) and on the main road nearby was where I eventually took another bus on to Trogir which is a UNESCO World Heritage site with magnificent Romanesque and Renaissance arhcitecture. Having seen Dubrovnik’s old town only two days before I wasn’t overly amazed by Trogir or maybe I was just getting tired of seeing places on this two week trip.


If that wasn’t a busy enough day I visited Diocletians Palace again and then decided to fit in a quick trip to the popular beach behind my accommodation where I had a final swim whilst a band played next to it which was a good atmosphere for the twenty or so minutes I was there. After that I went back to Diocletians Palace for the third time to get something to eat and it was absolutely packed as there was some performance going on which I didn’t stay around for. My final image of Croatia and indeed the whole trip was of a sign outside the nearby supermarket showing no smoking, no dogs and no guns!


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