Sven The Fox

Last weekend marked ten years since Leicester went to the top of the Premier League for a couple of weeks following a 0-0 draw away at Sunderland which I actually went to. How times have changed since then! None more so than the ridiculous number of managers who have come and gone in that time. 10 Managers as well as six caretakers to be precise!

Having ended last season in a blaze of glory hopes were high for the new season…..but then Nigel Pearson walked out for the glamour(?) of Hull after a fantastic two years in charge. Things haven’t gone well since then and Paolo Sousa seemingly had the team playing well but in hindsight he probably tried to change things to his style too quickly and no doubt he thought he would be given more time to impose his philosophy. That just doesn’t happen anymore and with one win in the first nine games he found himself out of a job.

Before that rumours had started to go round that our most successful Manager Martin O’Neill would return. Can’t say I ever believed it as the guy could get any job which comes up in the Premier League and going back to a club is never a good idea.

Then from out of nowhere Sven Goran Eriksson was the man being mentioned in the media and within a couple of days he was appointed. Some sceptics think its a publicity stunt due to the media circis that comes with his reputation both on and off the field. Time will tell if this is a good appointment but my thinking at the moment is that it can only be good as Sven’s track record is good and his high profile should attract a few bigger names. Where this leaves people like the recently signed Japanese player Yuki Abe I don’t know. I am watching his progress (or lack of it!) closely from here in Tokyo and hope that he in particular gets a chance to shine under Sven’s stewardship as I hope to see a Japanese kid or two walking around in a City shirt. Not as unthinkable as it once might have been!

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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