Jordan 2011 Pt VII: Amman

The huge, busy capital city of Amman was pretty much my base for the majority of my trip. I spent five nights there at Mansour Hotel; a dirt-cheap and erm dirty hostel which seemingly caters mostly for Japanese travellers

On my return from Jerash on day one I was dropped off nearby the theatre (not that I really knew it at the time!). Due to the sandy colour of the whole city I actually nearly missed this impressive Roman structure.


I then climbed up to the Citadel using just my sense of direction which is never a good idea. It took me longer than expected to reach my destination but it was worth it in the end and not just because the climb saved me on the entrance fee!


After four days away in Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba I returned to Amman and with funds running low I decided to return to the same hostel and I was glad I did as there were a few people still there that I knew (or that had also gone away and came back) as well as the guy running the place who was a bit of a character. I wasted many an hour chatting to him about football, Jordan, football, Amman, football, Japan, football, travellers, football, the Japanese, football, teaching, football and so on.

Amazing but true! I actually chilled out and did practically nothing in Amman for a day and a half after I returned from the Dead Sea. I wasn’t the only one doing nothing though as the Japanese and Chinese in the hostel seemed to just be hanging around the hostel all day on their laptops and iPads taking advantage of the hostels wi-fi. I almost always cram my trips full to the max but having decided to not go over the border into Jerusalem I ended up doing very little.

The fact that I realised my camera lens had stopped working and needed fixing overnight didn’t exactly mean I was free to do much anyway as I didn’t want to risk seeing something that I couldn’t photograph! All in all it was quite nice to just hang out with Kimi (and sometimes Tatsuo) and make an event out of 10 minute trips to eat kebabs, drink sugar cane juice, eat kanafa (the sugar rush that is shredded wheat and syrup dessert), visit the remains of the Nymphaeum or go souvenir shopping in the ‘secret’ back store of the young curly-haired guy pictured below who was so enthusiastic about coming to Japan.


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