Jordan 2011 Pt VI: The Dead Sea

I hadn’t actually thought too much about the Dead Sea and even considered maybe not even going there at one point but when a couple of Japanese guys (Kimi and Tatsuo) from the hostel in Amman said that they were going I jumped at the chance of joining them. We shared a taxi and had three hours at the Amman Beach Resort which we all thought would be way too long even with the inclusion of the resorts pool facilities and so on.

None of us showed too much enthusiasm or urgency to enter the sea but when we did go in and lie down it was an incredible feeling and no I don’t mean the overly bearing salty taste of the water! Lying on your back floating at the worlds lowest point (423m below sea level) was probably the highlight of the trip for me. Not for Tatsuo though who found it all too itchy and irritating for his skin.


We then covered ourselves in black mud (3JD each) and let it bake in the sun for about 10 minutes before washing it off in the sea. Its supposed to have special healing and cosmetic uses which are good for the skin. Pretty amazing that you can just wash something so dirty off in the sea and it doesn’t affect it in any way which is probably why its known as the Dead Sea.


Whilst washing it off I got a splash of salt in my eye which is really painful and brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘grin and bare it’ as you can’t exactly wipe your eyes! Similarly one usually licks their lips when they’re wet but thats something you should refrain from I’ll tell you!


There was a swimming pool at the resort so once we’d showered to get all the black mud out of our hair and off our faces we relaxed there for a short while which was nice and brought about the end to a fine morning at such a miraculous place.

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