Tokyo Daytripper: For Fox Sake! Not Another Trip To Kawagoe!

This blog is called Tokyo Fox and that is my username on twitter too but there are very few references to Leicester City (whose nickname is the Foxes and is where my name obviously derives from) on here these days apart from a solitary post-Christmas report on my annual trip to the City Stadium. That’s not gonna change too much in this post either but it does have a fox reference of some sort.

I have been to Kawagoe four or five times before and its fair to say I’m quite tired of the place and its attractions but I continue to go as its only 30 minutes away from my place. Back in May I went to Fushimi-Inari temple in Kyoto which is a beautiful place full of foxes (stone ones) but little did I know that the animal would feature at other temples around the country. Kita-in is the most famous temple in Kawagoe but next door to that is one with a foxy theme. The Japanese traditionally see foxes as a sacred, mysterious figure and the key often seen in the mouth of it has something to do with rice granary.


The main attraction of Kawagoe is the old Kurazukuri street (a street lined with traditional warehouses keeping in with the Edo period look of the place) as well as the bell tower. Going under the tower there is a tiny temple with people queueing up to pray for whatever they pray for. Probably not too much as they no doubt feel under pressure to get the process of throwing their coin in and clapping their hands in prayer out of the way as soon as possible so the next person can do the same. Just next to that is another small torii gate through which there are two foxes guarding the temple.


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