Running To Standstill

Since about July 2006 I have been running regularly (anything between one and four times a week) and its really been part of my life and for somone who has a sweet tooth its really helped me keep my weight down. Obviously I didn’t run whilst I was in the USA back in August but on my return I upped the ante as I like sweating in the hot and humid Tokyo Summer as it seems more beneficial for losing weight. I was doing it for one hour every other day without fail in September and in the final few minutes of a run on a Thursday I felt a bit of pain but I didn’t think much of it. A couple of days later in late September I set out in the morning but within 10 minutes I pulled up with a severe bout of leg pain and hobbled back home. I knew it was more serious than just a knock but as ever I thought it would be gone within a week or so.

However, two months on and I still haven’t put back on my running shoes as I am still feeling a bit of pain in my right leg and it really is getting to the stage now where I am seriously contemplating going to see a physiopherapist. It is so frustrating for me, it really is and it sure does make me realise how hard it must be for professional sportsmen and women when they get injured for any length of time. As a result I have been trying to do a bit more cycling to compensate but other than that and my 200 push-ups (five sets of 40) a day I feel that its not enough and long to get back out on the roads….even in this cold Winter!

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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