Paris Filming Locations: The Bourne Identity (2002)

The first of the Bourne trilogy was filmed mostly in Paris with a few scenes done in the Czech Republic which appeared in last years ‘Prague Pt II’ post. The action soon moves on to the French capital with Jason and Marie arriving from “Switzerland” in her red mini at night where they sleep in the car at Quai de la Tornelle (below) on 36 minutes.


They arrive at Bourne’s apartment (below) on 38 minutes which is 104 Avenue Kléber and not 104 Rue du Jardin as portrayed in the film. Trocadero is the nearest Metro station and this was my first port of call back in January. Its here that Bourne learns someone wants him out of the way and after an exciting fight which leaves Marie shocked they both exit his apartment on 47 minutes.

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Featured below are the various screenshots and views which we see during those brief movie moments. The photo is the view we see of Bourne from the inside of the apartment minus the metal door frame getting in the way.


The Treadstone safehouse (below) on 47 minutes where Nicky gets her instructions following the altercation at Bourne’s place is 2 Place du Marché St Catherine.


Far easier to find (obviously!) was the Gare du Nord (below) which is Europe’s busiest railway station and my final destination as it was where I was to get the Eurostar back to Britain.


Bourne leaves Marie outside pondering whether to stick with him or not while he goes inside the station to deposit his red bag (full of his many identities and national currencies) in one of the lockers. It appears on screen after 49 minutes and also pops up again briefly in ‘The Bourne Ultimatum‘.


Unlike the 007 films, the Bourne franchise doesn’t like to take place amid a places most famous landmarks but it does often feature them in the distant background. One such example of that is where the Eiffel Tower is seen in the screenshots and my comparison photos below which are of Wombosi the dictators mansion. It is seen on screen after 63 minutes when he is assassinated by The Professor. The address is 11 Place des États Unis and is a short walk up the road from the aforementioned Bourne home.


Next up is Hotel Regina at 2 Place des Pyramides (below) on 64 minutes which is where Bourne fills Marie in on his detailed plan for her to go inside and get information concerning his alter ego John Michael Kane.


Marie enters the hotels grand lobby which I was surprised to notice was almost identical to that seen in the film even down to the tree in the corner.


Jardin des Tuilerres is across the road from Hotel Regina (below) and appears on 66 minutes when Marie knocks on the phone box (a fake set piece by the way) and surprises Bourne and tells him that she ignored his detailed planning and had just got Kane’s phone records from the reception desk. Subtle humour and a kind of swipe at the usual elaborate ways of acquiring such information in films.


La Defense Grand Arche (below) pops up on screen after 69 mins for a brief second as Bourne follows the lead given to him by Marie. The place he’s going to is called ‘Alliance Securite Maritime’ and was nearly missed by me altogether as for some reason I didn’t have it in my notes or on my iPad google map page.


Luckily I saw this scene on my PSP copy of the movie which I was using for the match-ups and took the metro out to the western side of Paris to see this gigantic hollow cube.


Bourne sets up a meeting with Treadstone Chief Alex Conklin on Pont Neuf (below) after 95 minutes.


As ever he’s on top of things and notices all the extra people dotted around the area keeping an eye on things and promptly flees the area.


Rain had been hanging in the air all day whilst I was in Paris and on the whole I got quite lucky but the weather was awful while I was in the vicinity of Pont Neuf and the Samaritaine building seen in the background below.


The Treadstone operation is closed down at Rue de Jarante (below) on 108 minutes when Conklin meets his maker. The aforementioned Treadstone safe house is actually behind this street.


Bourne crosses the Pont des Arts (below) walking away from Treadstone and mysteriously disappears on 109 mins. Of course he reappears a few minutes later as he tracks Marie down in the ‘Little Venice’ area of Mykonos in Greece where she is running a motorcycle rental shop. The excellent ‘Extreme Ways‘ by Moby then kicks in and the end credits roll.


You can see my Berlin ‘Bourne Supremacy’ locations here.

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  2. Rich Wright. says:

    once again, thank you so very much for posting this.. other than being there myself, this is about as good as it gets

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  7. Troy in Las Vegas says:

    This is so cool how you are able to find these locations. If you ever come to Las Vegas there are many places we could go together. Would be fun to help you.

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