New York Filming Locations: Spider-Man (2002) & Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Whilst I did enjoy this years Spider-Man re-boot I do prefer the Sam Raimi directed trilogy from the 2000’s and I particularly like Aunt May and Uncle Ben’s house (below) in Queens.


The nearest station is probably Forest Hills and from there it is about a 15-20 minute walk to the house at number 8839 on 69th Road but it’s worth it and was one of my favourite filming locations in New York.


There is the added benefit of seeing Austin Street at Ascan Avenue (below) relatively nearby which is where Parker later runs down having discovered his powers.

Before that he goes on his school field trip to a genetics laboratory at Columbia University (below) on Broadway and 116th Street.


Parker is bitten here by a genetically modified spider and wakes up the following morning with much much stronger powers. The University also features in the 2004 sequel film as well as others with the most notable perhaps being ‘Ghostbusters’ in 1984.


New York Public Library (below) on 5th Avenue at 42nd Street in some ways plays a very important part in Peter Parkers upbringing as its outside here that Uncle Ben drops him off and gives him some fatherly advice about the power of responsibility. After winning his wrestling match Parker is annoyed that the fight promoter only pays him $100 and so when the promoter is robbed he lets the robber get away even though he could have stopped him. All in the name of bitter revenge but it backfires in an extremely bad way with huge life changing consequences as that robber later kills Uncle Ben.


The Daily Bugle is really the Flatiron Building (below) at 175 5th Avenue in the Flatiron District and its here that Parker makes some extra cash as he sells pictures of himself as Spider-Man despite his editor thinking the crime fighting super-hero is a menace to New York.


Queensboro Bridge (below) is the setting for a battle between The Goblin and Spider-Man after the former takes Mary-Jane and a tram full of children hostage. He wants Spidey to choose which one he will save but of course he is able to save everyone with a bit of help from the people on the bridge and on the boat beneath it.


Spider-Man 2 followed two years later with Parker struggling to balance his normal and super-hero duties. In need of financial support to pay his rent he works as a pizza delivery man for Joe’s Pizza’s but not for long though as he is fired for being late too often and thereby costing his manager money who has a 29 minute promise to his customers or they get it free. This place in reality is not a pizza one and the building on the corner of Bleecker Street and Carmine Street (below) in Greenwich Village all looks a bit different nowadays.


Parker’s rundown apartment is on 187 Chrystie Street at Stanton Street and Dr Octavius’ laboratory is 32 2nd Avenue at East 2nd Street. Mary-Jane announces her engagement to John Jameson at the Science Library benefit taking place at the Rose Centre for Earth and Space (below) on 81st Street at Central Park West.

The church where Mary-Jane is all set to get hitched in is Riverside Church (below) on 490 Riverside Drive and West 120th Street which is just a few minutes walk north of Columbia University up in Mornington Heights.


You can see ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ NYC Filming Locations here.

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