Darth Maul Joins In The Halloween Spirit

Darth Maul may have been cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi at the end of ‘Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace‘ but that didn’t stop the writers of ‘Star Wars The Clone Wars‘ resurrecting the character at the end of Season 4 in a storyline straight out of the ‘Dallas‘ or ‘Eastenders‘ textbook of writing! This major Star Wars protagonist was probably the most iconic figure from the first prequel movie and since getting a birthday cake with his image on it that same year I have been a fan. With him back in the minds of the public since the 3D release earlier this year and his rise from the dead in the animated series I was determined to transform myself into the character once I knew I would be attending a Halloween party this year.


This year’s party at a local British bar in Ebisu was actually the first time I’ve ever gone out in fancy-dress for Halloween and it was fun. Halloween in Japan has its own style in that its basically just a big fancy-dress party where pretty much anything goes rather than the more typical ghost/witch/mummy-type costumes. As things go my Star Wars costume has a pretty close connection to the Halloween theme!


Despite seeing Darth Maul masks being sold in Tokyu Hands a few months ago I just couldn’t find one anywhere in the build up to Halloween so had to go online and having splashed out a few thousand yen on that I went cheap on the rest of the costume. A 100 yen shop provided me with the gloves, belt (actually a scarf), jacket and skirt which was just the bottom half of another jacket cut-off and turned upside down!

It’s not only Luke Skywalker who can construct his own lightsaber as I also did likewise using a 100 yen broomstick (minus the brush) wrapped in red colour paper on the ends with white paper in the middle part shaded grey using a pencil with the finishing touches being a few red circle buttons drawn on. All a bit cr*p up close but from afar it looks ok.


It wasn’t all about me, me, me though! Along with a load of my colleagues we all got dressed up on Saturday evening after work. All kinds of costumes were on display which can be seen in some of the photos above and below.


On the other hand the fun was taken out of the night slightly by some of the impracticalities involved in drinking with a mask on (I tried through a straw for a bit but it didn’t taste good), needing to go to the toilet, having pockets full of cameras, phones and whatever else. Furthermore, it was very hot in my costume and I sweated a lot in the jacket and mask but I saw that as a good thing in my attempt to lose a few kilos. I only had a few beers during my stay as I had to get up the following morning to do a couple of kids Halloween parties in Hibarigaoka which you can read about here.

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