Sick As A Dog!

So having returned from a busy Golden Week’s Holiday in Vietnam and Hiroshima I returned from the latter on the morning of the 7th and went straight to work and apart from feeling a little tired I survived the day with relative ease. The next morning was fine too but as I was on the short train journey going to work I suddenly started to feel a little weak and slightly lethargic. By the time I arrived at school in Shibuya a short while later I was shorter on breath and had to lie down as I felt weaker in my arms and legs. Somehow I got through the rest of that day but when I got into bed early that night I was having slight breathing problems, light coughing and couldn’t swallow which made it quite difficult to get sleep which is what I was in desperate need of.

Around 1am I had to race for the toilet as I had an overbearing urge to vomit which (close your eyes if you’re a bit squeamish!) included a small amount of blood. A repeat trip to the toilet followed a bit later and I spent a fair bit of time just sitting on the floor of that room each time as I cooled down from a very hot night.

By the time of work that day I pretty much had no voice and I managed to get through the day with minimal speaking knowing that I had a day off the following day in which I could recover. That day was mostly spent sweating in bed, taking on lots of water and sleeping on and off throughout until my girlfriend got home that evening and thought it best to take me to hospital as the symptoms were suspicious of those linked to tuberculosis which had affected a family member in the past. I was given some tablets to take after meals which I wasn’t eating too many of due to lack of appetite. He said to take them for the next week and see how things went but he didn’t mention anything about bird flu which was the rather lazy thing that under-knowledgable colleagues were annoyingly coming out with. Just pure exhaustion was the more likely reason for my illness.

I actually managed to sleep quite well that night and went to work Saturday morning and surprised even myself by teaching with a bare minimum of words coming out of my mouth but by the afternoon it was getting harder and I was feeling hotter and hotter. By the time I got home I was burning up and felt out of breath and severely lacking in energy. Sunday was all spent at home trying to recover but it didn’t seem to work quite as I had hoped. My girlfriend was a great help throughout my illness and in return I kept her awake with my sniffing and mumbling! Oh and I also passed on some of the symptoms to her too!

History was made on Monday morning as I called in sick for the first time in all my many years with my present company as my temperature reached a (recorded) high of 39.6 degrees although my girlfriend reckons that I must have been well into the forties on the Wednesday night prior to that (before we had a thermometer)!

I returned to work the next day which was when I started speaking almost properly again for the first time in about five days and thankfully its been a slow but consistent recovery process since then. Even as I write this over a week later I’m still coughing a little and am out of breath more easily than before the illness but its all a work in progress and I’m heading in the right direction which at times I didn’t think would happen.

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