TF Top 5……Lame Christmas Activities For Kids

It’s been a while since we wrote any English teaching ideas on here and with Christmas Day drawing ever closer the teachers among us are probably trying to think of a few festive games and activities to jazz up our lessons. If you’re in the mood for it all and have that Christmas feeling then these can be fun times but if you’re not into the spirit then it can all be a bit of a drag. Thankfully, help is at hand and here, in no particular order, is the Tokyo Fox Top 5……Lame Christmas Activities For Kids!

Disclaimer: This is just for fun and should not to be taken too seriously! 

1. Christmas Words Pelmanism – This card game was made pretty much as a joke last year. The lameness of this activity was rammed up to the max and it went down a storm with the students, I sh*t you not! Basically, write some festive two-syllable words or two-word phrases on two bits of paper (i.e. Snow-Man, December-25th, Christmas-Tree, Santa-Claus, Rein-Deer etc etc). It might be a good idea to get the students to just match up the two sets first to get them accustomed to the words. Once that’s done and dusted you can play a game of pelmanism with each student continuing to turn over another set of cards when they have got a correct pair. I used green and red cards to get even more into the Christmas spirit.

IMG_3429  IMG_3428

2. Four-Letter Conundrum – Take the flashcard letters A, M, S, X and get the students to re-arrange them to make the festive word! This activity practices (or reinforces) phonics and you could even pad out the activity beforehand by firstly eliciting each letter and any words (festive or otherwise!) beginning with that letter. Of course, more letters could be jumbled up and rearranged to form longer Christmas-related words. Alphamats or magnetic letters can of course be used instead of flashcards.

IMG_3427  IMG_3431

3. Christmas Naughts & Crosses – Use the whiteboard and divide it into 9 squares with one lexical item (i.e. Angel, Star….) either written or drawn in each square. The students then throw a sticky ball at each square with the winner being the one who manages to get three-in-a-row.

IMG_3432  IMG_3437

4. Preposition Drawing – This can be done on the whiteboard or in the students’ notebooks (if you want the evidence to remain!) and first you get them to draw a Christmas tree. Then you shout out instructions like ‘the snowman is by/next to the tree’ or the ‘present is under the tree’ and let the students conjure up their own Christmas creations. Be aware that the likelihood of the kids drawing the present under the trunk of the tree is very high!

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 22.54.46  P1110612

5. Stick The Eyes & Nose On The Snowman – A lame variation on the classic ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’ party game with the students being blindfolded (or just closing their eyes) and then having to place a couple of black circles (the eyes) and an orange carrot shaped nose in the correct place on the drawing of a snowman which can either be on the whiteboard or a self-created poster on the wall. Affix either magnets or sticky tape to the back and have fun! Be aware of short kids and the possibility of a ‘Dumb & Dumber‘ type moment where the attachments are fixed to resemble a part of the man’s anatomy!!

IMG_3435  IMG_3436

So there you have it! Just about any usual activity can be slightly adjusted to make it seem Christmas-y! I seem to recall doing the likes of ‘What time is it Santa?’ and ‘Is there a/an (object) in the stocking?’ years ago. If you’ve got a selection of Christmas flashcards, like below, then there’s a whole host of games available to you!

IMG_3430  christmas lessons '09 001

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