England 2014 Pt III: Back To My Hometown

Tickets to Madame Tussauds weren’t the only discounted tickets I bought ahead of our England venture as I also purchased some heavily reduced train tickets to take us from London St Pancras to my hometown of Market Harborough and back following a nights stay. Of course both sets of parents were already acquainted having met a few days earlier in London and my in-laws were very keen to see the front and back gardens that my mum has created and cultivated over the years.

IMG_5147  DSCN8774  IMG_5151  IMG_5153

After a light lunch buffet we visited Welland Park which has certainly changed a fair bit since my days of frequenting the place, but having been there on my cycle trip down memory lane a couple of years ago, I was more than aware of how it had changed.

IMG_5154  IMG_5155

From there we walked along the river Welland into the town centre. Sadly the most famous (only?) landmark; the old Grammar school is presently under a bag whilst maintenance work is done on it but my in-laws were nevertheless impressed with what they saw elsewhere. In fact, that seemed to be the theme of the trip as things that I certainly take for granted in the UK were impressionable for our Japanese visitors. Another such example later on that day was the roast dinner and wine we had four our evening meal followed by crumble dessert and cheese and biscuits.

IMG_5170  IMG_5158

The following morning we had breakfast together and then took a quick look around the village of Great Bowden where my parents live including the train line, church, oldest house, village shop and the green.

DSC07355  DSC07357  DSC07358  IMG_5161  IMG_5162  DSC07359

Around lunchtime we drove the few miles to local sight Foxton Locks for a pub lunch in the wake of seeing the unique 10 lock staircase that takes narrow boats up and down the 23 metre hill. So many people from the village seemed to be in the vicinity on this day and as dog lovers my wife and her family were not only impressed by the near-200 year old locks but the dozens and dozens of dogs being walked in the area.

IMG_5166  IMG_5167  IMG_5168  IMG_5169

More shopping for my wife and her mum in town later followed by late afternoon tea and cake rounded off our short trip to the place where I grew up and pretty soon after that our whirlwind tour of the area was over as we headed back down to London for the remaining days of our England trip.

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