Moving Out 2015

The Tokyo Fox Global Operations Centre will have a new home from October. Yes that’s right, it’s time to up sticks again and move on after 2.5 years in our current residence. For the last couple of weeks, my wife and I have been busy sorting through our stuff and boxing it up whilst trying to throw some of it away. Some of my things are still in boxes from when I last moved out in 2013!


It’s been great living in Shinjuku-ku since early 2013 and has been so convenient for many things, not least our respective workplaces which were close enough for us to cycle to or walk to in her case. When we have had to use public transport, we’ve had our pick of train line to use as the Sobu, Yamanote, Tozai, Oedo and Seibu Shinjuku lines were all close by and the many lines going through the world’s busiest station in Shinjuku were always close to hand too.

Living on the ground floor has had it’s benefits but there are also many negatives such as hearing people outside, not enough sunlight, the rain noisily beating down on the ground and not being able to hang out certain washing garments. In the earlier part of living there my wife had her underwear stolen a couple of times before I realised it was probably best to let them dry inside the apartment. Even I had one of my shirts stolen!

Furthermore, we have been of the opinion that we really are just wasting our money by renting so we have actually bought a place which will all be explained very soon in ‘Moving In 2015‘ (link coming soon!)

In terms of going out in Shinjuku, I don’t think we have probably taken full advantage of the location but when I have gone out it’s been nice to be able to walk home without having to worry about getting the last train.

Below are a couple of then and now shots with the past ones taken from my ‘Moving In 2013‘ post in March two years ago.

IMG_1836  IMG_2478

As you can see there hasn’t actually been that much change during our tenure!

IMG_1849  IMG_2480

31 months seems quite a short stretch to have lived in one place but it’s been the base for many exciting trips (both long and short) and events with the biggest one being last year when we got married. Before moving in here I had been happily living the bachelor life for many years so there has been a lot of change and on the whole it’s been mostly for the better. A new house and a new-ish area now beckons. On to the next step in life!

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4 Responses to Moving Out 2015

  1. Troy in Las Vegas says:

    Hope the new place brings much love and happiness.

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