Dining Out: Back To The Future Cafe In Ikebukuro

The media has been awash with ‘Back To The Future Part II‘ (1989) features all week as the future became the past and I have absolutely loved it. As a huge fan of the films, the year 2015 seemed like such an exotic time when I first saw the film as a skateboard-mad child who dreamed of emulating Marty McFly.

For a franchise that basically ended in 1990, it has maintained it’s position as one of the most popular movies ever and it is one that continues to delight old and new fans alike in various ways. Last Summer we got to go one of the BTTF Secret Cinema screenings in London, Tokyo Fox was recently invited to HollyCon 5 and I got to meet stars Christopher Lloyd and Claudia Wells and now there is a BTTF cafe open in Tokyo for a limited time.

However, I was unaware of this place until some of my students mentioned it as my first class of the day started last Wednesday on BTTF day. Inevitably I used the BTTF soundtrack throughout my lessons (intro, background, outro music) and no sooner had they entered the room to ‘The Power Of Love‘ and they were telling me of this special cafe in Tokyo. They must have seen it featured on Japanese TV that morning and so later that day I researched the place and inevitably it was on the whacky, zany RocketNews24 website.

IMG_2788  IMG_2790 

Having agreed to meet friend Ben this morning we went to Traitoria Paradiso cafe on the second floor of Sunshine City in Ikebukuro which is doubling up as a themed cafe. We were on the scene just after 10am but discovered that it doesn’t actually open until 11am.

IMG_2791  IMG_2795

We were first to enter and a couple followed us in and we all started snapping pictures straight away as the music from the soundtrack rotated it’s ten tracks on the sound system. Greeting us on entry was Marty’s future jacket and Doc Brown’s shirt and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get my picture taken with them.

IMG_2814  IMG_2813  IMG_2798

The walls were decorated with posters including a giant one of Emmett-Brown on the clock tower from a scene at the end of the original 1985 movie. There are also some newspaper cuttings from the films such as the one from the future where Marty Jr. was  arrested and jailed.

IMG_2792  IMG_2793  IMG_2794  IMG_2797

There is a cabinet display of goods and props from the films, especially the first sequel, including a hoverboard, Nike power-lace trainers and many of the other artefacts which I collected just over five years ago and wrote about on the 25th anniversary of the movie.

IMG_2796  IMG_2799

Although we had digested the menu in anticipation of opening time we still took a while to make the final decisions on our order. We eventually decided to firstly sample a drink whilst enjoying the atmosphere of the place before then ordering something more substantial to eat. Ben got a clock tower coffee (¥600) as we were intrigued to know how the clock was added. As it turned out, it was nothing more than a rice paper decoration on the top of the drink as indeed it was for the pizza elsewhere on the menu. I ordered a “hoverboard parfait” (¥1100) which was quite a spectacle. Very tasty too!

IMG_2800  IMG_2802

I was just about to order the “Travel to the Future! DeLorean Cake Plate” (¥1,800) when the waitress brought it out to the ladies on the next table. They were very kind and actually offered me the chance of snapping pictures of that as well as “Marty’s ‘Johnny B. Goode’ Pancakes” (¥1,100) which they had just ordered.

IMG_2808  IMG_2807

Though still tempted to buy my own I decided that it wasn’t so necessary now I’d got my photo which was the main reason I was going to purchase it. Cake in the morning is not something I’m so keen on so we decided to cut our losses and move on to somewhere cheaper for lunch! Be quick if you want to eat here as it’s only open until December 6th.

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