Back To The Future Movie Costumes & Goods Galore At Tokyo’s Hottest Toy Shop


October 21st is an important date for Back To The Future fans as it was the date that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travelled to the past and set in motion a whole host of other events across various timelines. The biggest celebrations were six years ago which was when Doc Brown, Marty and Jennifer travelled to the future which then became the present in 2015. That`s now in the past and there have been some subsequent events to mark it. This year a toy shop in Shibuya-ku has become something of a shrine to the ever-popular time travelling sci-fi trilogy.

It seems like this year may also be the 35th anniversary of it being released in Japan so that has been used as something of a marketing tool not that 35 years is as much a landmark occasion as 25, 30 or 40 years for example! I`m not one to let such small things like that spoil my enjoyment of such an exhibit though so popped by on the way to work one day.


Toy Sapiens (6-25-16 Ichigo Jingumae Building, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku) lies just beyond Miyashita Park on the road going towards Harajuku. At the far end of this fairly spacious shop are eight outfits and a range of other props (mostly power-boards from the future in the first sequel) from the trilogy of movies.

Taking photos through glass cases is never too easy, and with people always wandering in my background it was not easy to snap the photos. The first two photos below are of Dr. Emmett-Brown`s cartoon train patterned shirt and the yellow anti-radiation suit which he gave Marty to protect him when loading the Delorean with plutonium.


Clara Clayton`s purple dress from `Back To The Future III` (1990)

The next two outfits (below) are Biff Tannen`s grey bomber jacket and Linda McFly`s Hill Valley Bulldogs sweatshirt.


The final two costumes (below) are a Hill Valley High School student jacket and Marty`s pink and blue Western shirt from `Back To The Future III` (1990) when he said he was Clint Eastwood.


For those with very deep pockets there are some extremely expensive models and figurines ranging from 45,000 yen ($400) to nearly double that!


When I was growing up there was very little available in terms of Back To The Future  merchandise but decades later and it is now possible to get your hands on all kinds of Lego sets, 3.75 inch figures, bobble heads, advent calendars and so on.


The coolest figure has to be the Marty one from `Back To The Future II` (1989) which is on a hover board designed card. The 3500 yen ($30) price was not so cool!


There were a wide range of t-shirt designs too but if you ask me then nothing really compares to the classic logo on a black t-shirt design!


Sapiens Hot Toys store is of course not just dedicated to Back To The Future stuff as there are plenty of other things from the likes of Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics and so on.

Star Wars is of course my main interest, and on entering the store there is soon a life-size Darth Vader welcoming you and for once this sci-fi saga plays second fiddle to Back To The Future in terms of stock.


TV series `The Mandalorian` has probably been the biggest success in the Disney-era and there are a range of figures and toys available relating to that with the super-cute Grogu (a.k.a. The Child a.k.a. baby Yoda but not actually Yoda, just his unknown species!) being the star of the show. I was really tempted but resisted on this occasion. I may go back though!


No doubt the Back To The Future theme of this toy shop is temporary and it`ll soon return to being predominantly Marvel themed so if you want to step back in time then go along to this toy shop sooner rather than later.

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