Pain, Agony And Torture – My Week Of Hell

You’d think that a week where Leicester City went top of the Premier League would be a good one but that wonderful achievement could only slightly mask what personally was a nightmare six days for me.

My tale began last Thursday (Oct 19th) when I was feeling tired so I sat back and closed my eyes  with my smartphone playing a podcast while it sat in my shirt pocket. I soon fell asleep and when my power nap ended 15-20 minutes later I had a terrible pain in my chest where the phone had been. I still have no idea what exactly the problem was but the phone must have overheated (with apps running and all that) and fried my body.

The pain continued for the rest of a busy evening at work and though breathing through my mouth and nose was fine, it hurt my lungs when I did the big breaths. I wasn’t in the best condition to cycle home but just about managed it without any real pain. However,  once at home I tried to lie down but could not do so due to the intense pain. Eventually that night, I got off to sleep in some kind of side sleeping position although that wasn’t comfortable in my chest at the start.

Friday was my day off and spent almost at home all day and I thought I was slowly recovering as the pain in my chest was lessening but when I woke the next morning the pain was back as I got ready for work. During my lunch break I started to feel a strong pain in my ear (which I had felt a little in the previous week) so tried to buy something for it but the chemist said they didn’t have anything for earache and that I had to go somewhere else. Well thats what I could make out anyway!

Saturday night passed without too much trauma and I watched Leicester win 3-0 away at  Newcastle which unbelievably sent them top thanks to other results going our way. Sunday morning brought me back down to earth as I suffered the most painful and excruciating toothache and earache throughout the day. Thankfully my chest pains had pretty much disappeared so it wasn’t all bad! At lunchtime we went to a nearby hospital to get my right ear looked at as that was the most problematic of my two problems.

The young lady doctor wasn’t of too much help though and my wife was a bit annoyed with her attitude. Anyway, she prescribed some painkillers but the place to pick them up at wasn’t open until 5pm so I then had to endure another painful few hours of torture and agony.

The following day was a public holiday meaning that I still couldn’t go to the dentist. I had training at work in the daytime and the company’s annual thanksgiving party to attend at night. I was pretty spaced out that day during training as the painkillers kicked in and took full effect. I didn’t drink alcohol at the party (101 days off the booze on that particular day) which passed by okay and talking to colleagues and people I hadn’t seen for ages took my mind off things for a while. Though I wasn’t feeling too bad when I got home I did have a temperature close to 39 degrees but thankfully managed to sweat it out over night.

Finally on Tuesday morning I went to Sato Dental Clinic in Kami Itabashi which I visited a few times during my tenure in that area between 2008 and 2012. Once I’d explained that I went there three years earlier (my front tooth cracked two days before I was due to go to Guatemala!) and said my surname the young girl remembered who I was and even knew my first name! Thankfully Dr. Sato was able to give me emergency treatment and filed down part of the top tooth on my right side which was interfering with a lower one and causing all the pain. I can’t remember the exact details but he said I had a few problems on that side and said that I needed root canal treatment not that I really knew what that meant! Best to be ignorant on some things and just let them get on with it!!

I have never had any problem with going to the dentists and really don’t mind all that scaling and polishing and the sounds that accompany it all. However, this time I endured some very painful moments and was grabbing tightly to the side of the chair at times. My jaw was aching from having it open so long whilst he and the assistant did what they had to do.

The treatment really knocked the stuffing out of me and I was in pieces by the time I paid and left to pick up the prescription from the chemists but even then I couldn’t take the medicine until I had got home and immediately after that I had to leave for work. Thankfully things have been fairly stable since then with only the occasional moment of brief pain re-surfacing, usually when trying to eat something. I have to return to the dentist next week for some follow-up treatment and hopefully that will bring this saga of pain and suffering to a definite end.

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