TF Top 10……Japanese Star Wars Snacks

The much anticipated 7th Star Wars film is finally here and it really is hard to escape the merchandising frenzy which has long been associated with the saga. Over the years it seems that just about every conceivable product has had the Star Wars logo attached to it and recently in Japan there has been a fairy wide range of confectionary on sale. Far too many products to mention them all so here, in no particular order, is the Tokyo Fox top 10……Japanese Star Wars snacks….

1. Mets Soda – 12 characters don the bottles which come in two different flavours known as Blue Force (the light side) and Red Force (the dark side). Neither taste particularly  nice but the dark side one tastes a bit better in my opinion.

IMG_3028  IMG_3029 

2. Morinaga Dars Chocolate – Dars is the Japanese way of pronouncing Darth so why they didn’t call it Dars Beida (Vader) I don’t know!


3. Morinaga Pote rongu – basically translating as long potatoes or long fries these come in two flavours; chilli with Vader on the front and edamame featuring Yoda who is the same colour as the green bean.


4. Cupcakes at Ginza Cosy Corner – The Japanese confectionery chain has a line-up of various Star Wars related treats but it’s the 9-piece set which is the ultimate purchase.

IMG_3830  IMG_3776

5. Bikuriman – Over the last few months there have been the original trilogy set featuring 24 different foil stickers in the packets alongside the chocolate wafer biscuit. Then there was the prequel trilogy ones and now there are the Special Edition ones. Bring on the ‘The Force Awakens‘ ones!

IMG_3673  IMG_3681

6. Morinaga pakkunchoco – Only saw these once and never again! Awesome little treats with a wide range of different pictures on each one and a cool-looking packet.


7. Bourbon Star Wars popcorn – The perfect accompaniment for watching ‘The Force Awakens‘ (2015) on the big screen.


8. Choco Flake Star Wars Biz – Designed to vaguely resemble the Stormtroopers these chocolate treats came in cookie and cream flavour.


9. Star Wars biscuit tin – Not sure what the official title of these is but a student gave a me a few with various characters on them.

IMG_3834  IMG_3409

10. Furuta Choco Egg – Similar to Kinder eggs these have a tiny character toy inside each one once you’ve eaten the chocolate exterior. Americans seem to deem these kind of chocolate eggs as dangerous!


The market is of course saturated with products featuring the Star Wars label. This is just a sample and no doubt there are some great ones that I’ve missed so please feel free to leave a comment below saying what they were.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Where to find these snacks?

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