TF Top 20……Tokyo Fox Hits Of 2015

So 2016 has only just begun and already Tokyo Fox is looking back!! For about six years now there have been exactly ten new posts on here each and every month and these are the twenty from 2015 which got the most hits. I have excluded all TF Top 10…….list entries from this feature. Of course those entries from earlier in the year had more time to accumulate hits which may explain why so much of the top 10 is from the first half of 2015. A couple of posts from the latter half have sneaked in though…

1. New Hachiko Statue In Tokyo

DSCN0412  DSCN0387

The fact that this received more hits than any other really is quite surprising for me as there was already other stuff on the net about it and I took the pictures with the wrong setting on my camera! More details here

2. London Filming Locations: Paddington (2014)

IMG_6514  DSCN0339 

Movie locations are the bread and butter of Tokyo Fox and I guess I got in quite early with the Paddington ones. I actually took most of them before I’d even seen the film! It’s still yet to be released here in Japan but will come out this month. More details here

3. Dining Out: Little Myanmar In Takadanobaba

IMG_4158  IMG_4208

Written nearly two years ago and originally scheduled to be published in a local magazine (until the editors changed) I finally gave up on it appearing in full glossy colour and decided to unleash it on the internet. More details here

4. On The Trail Of John Rain (雨) Part II

IMG_6981  IMG_6932

Author Barry Eisler has always been very supportive of these John Rain location posts and tweeted this link to his thousands of followers guaranteeing it to get an incredible amount of hits back in April. More details here

5. Japan-related References In The Simpsons

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 14.30.07  Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 22.32.00

Japan references have sporadically appeared on this show ever since the dysfunctional family burst onto our screens in December 1989. People are interested in this kind of thing and I’m glad that all my work reaped its reward in hits. More details here

6. Back To The Future Event At HollyCon 5 In Tokyo

IMG_2339  IMG_2301

In October, the internet was awash with stuff relating to the date in “the future” when Marty and the Doc travel forward in time. This post was able to ride along on the back of the increased interest in those classic movies. More details here

7. Music Videos Filmed In Japan #6 Avril Lavigne – ‘Hello Kitty’ (2014)

IMG_7050  IMG_7056

A truly awful song from a lady who has released some great radio-friendly tunes over the years. Lavigne has got millions of fans and Tokyo has soared in popularity as a destination for vacations this year. Put the two together and it equals hits aplenty for this site! More details here

8. Star Wars Traveller – Naboo Revisited (a.k.a. Watford, UK)

DSCN0252  DSCN0253

The Star Wars Traveller series of locales from the galaxy far, far away have always rated well and that went into overdrive as the opening date of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ (2015) approached and fans and media alike were all over anything related to the space saga created by George Lucas. More details here

9. Hiroshima-ken 2015 Pt VI: Tomonoura – The Wolverine Filming Locations

P1000784  P1000827

As far as I know, these locations hadn’t been covered in such detail anywhere on the internet so I jumped on that opportunity and it worked out well. More details here

10. “Okazaki 20” Leicester City Shirt Spotted In Tokyo! That’ll Be Me!

IMG_2357  IMG_2431

The Leicester City family helped promote this via the medium of Twitter and were curious enough to see a Fox in Japan wearing a Japanese players name on the back of the new shirt. More details here

11. Review: Films Inspired By Japan – Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009). More details here

12. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – Japan (Okinawa) More details here

13. #ForceFriday – The Journey Towards The New Star Wars Movie Has Begun More details here

14. Dining Out: Back To The Future Cafe In Ikebukuro More details here

15. Star Wars ‘Visions’ Exhibition In Roppongi More details here

16. Leicester City Shop In Bangkok Airport Pt II More details here

17. Japan: Earth’s Enchanted Islands More details here

18. Hiroshima-ken 2015 Pt III: Okunoshima (a.k.a. Rabbit Island) More details here

19. Hiroshima-ken 2015 Pt VII: Tomounoura – Ponyo Locations More details here

20. Tsukuba 2015 Pt I: Wan Wan Land More details here

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3 Responses to TF Top 20……Tokyo Fox Hits Of 2015

  1. Troy in Las Vegas says:

    “there have been exactly ten new posts on here each and every month” I wonder, do you plan it that way? That is one every three days. It that done on purpose for SEO or ???
    Anyway, this is a fun post ’cause for soe reason I missed a couple. Will go back and make sure to read up and comment on stuff I missed.
    Good job this past year Sir and I look forward to more of your adventures in 2016

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