Taiwan 2016 Pt II: Modern Toilet Restaurant

Who on earth would want to eat their food from a toilet bowl?! There are many people out there who would turn up their nose at the notion of this very quirky themed restaurant located on a backstreet of young persons shopping district Ximending. Not me though, that’s for sure! You can’t beat a bit of toilet humour and this place is full of it.

IMG_6487  IMG_6494

There’s a giant toilet hanging on the restaurant exterior, actual western-style toilets are used as the seats, the walls are tiled and donned with animated poo characters, the lights are turd designs, the tables are sinks with thick glass laid on them and all manner of toilet-based souvenirs are available for purchase.

IMG_6483  IMG_6516  IMG_6490  IMG_6491

The food and drink is served up in toilet-shaped bowls and so I ordered chicken curry (below) as I felt it was the most apt dish (appearance-wise!) to eat from the toilet bowl which all items are served in. Of course its a bit gimmicky and almost purely designed for the social media generation but here I am devoting a whole blog post to it so who am I to turn my nose up at such a thing!! What was more surprising was that it actually tasted fine for I was expecting some fairly bland and lacklustre curry.

IMG_6503  IMG_6505  IMG_6506  IMG_6510

Bubble milk tea is a speciality in Taiwan and I couldn’t resist another helping of it but this one wasn’t just in a glass. Thanks to paying an extra $1.50 or so this one was served in the special urine bottle-shaped drink container seen below.

IMG_6496  IMG_6499

My wife chose a kakigori-type dessert (below) which took us a little by surprise on its arrival at the table for it was absolutely huge and decorated with all manner of sweets, flakes and ice cream. This was served in a Japanese-style squat toilet dish.

IMG_6511  IMG_6512

We thought that was the end of it but then the waiter brought over some chocolate ice cream which was naturally designed to look like a turd (below). I thought they’d made a mistake but it was part of my set and so my wife polished that off.

IMG_6514  IMG_6517

Hugely popular with tourists, this themed restaurant rarely fails to put a smile on the faces of its customers. Of course you don’t go here for the food but for the ambience and the absurdity of the place. I’m just surprised that no such place has ever opened up in Tokyo as Japan usually embraces such whacky places.

IMG_6519  IMG_6489

The closest station for Modern Toilet restaurant is Ximen and the address is:

108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Lane 50, Xining S Rd No. 7 (2F)

IMG_6488  IMG_6484

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