Hong Kong 2017 Pt V: The Best Of The Rest

The main reason for this latest trip of ours was to see Leicester play in the Premier League Asia Trophy but that made up only a fraction of our time in the Hong Kong. There was plenty of other time for other things and here are the details of what we ate and did that wasn’t in the previous four posts in the Hong Kong 2017 series. In order to get the tickets for that match we had arranged to meet up with Cat who was someone I had never actually met before but had communicated with a fair bit on Twitter. We didn’t just exchange tickets and money though as we’d agreed to have some dinner and drinks too at a couple of places in the Wan Chai area including an English bar called Trafalgar.


That was on our first evening in Hong Kong following our night flight from Tokyo and we went back to our hotel in Sheung Wan via tram. I’m a fan of such transportation and  really liked using them throughout this trip……and not just because they’re so cheap!


As we had arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning we were unable to check in for a few hours so headed out straight away for some much needed food at Dim Sum Square (88 Jervois Street) followed by a quick viewing of Man Mo Temple.


We were still a little hungry so stopped off for some more food on the way back to our hotel. I had my first taste of beef brisket noodles but certainly not my last of this trip! After some much needed shut-eye we headed out mid-afternoon to look around for a bit before meeting Cat and Chris. We ended up wandering around Lan Kwai Fong and I even heard Wham’s ‘Last Christmas‘ playing in a shop in Wan Chai. It was mid-July!!


A lot of our first few days were rain-filled ones and the two shots below were only taken a minute apart!


Feeling like a break from the constant noodle dishes, I went to Sun Hang Yuen restaurant (38A Kweilin Street) for their speciality scrambled egg and beef sandwich (below) as well as some lemon tea. In Hong Kong they tend to give you about half a dozen slices of lemon in your tea!


Whilst topping up my Hong Kong James Bond filming locations post from 2012, I came across an interesting looking cafe (below) which was full of figures in the window and on the shelves inside but as I had just eaten I didn’t bother getting anything.


The sign seen above is obviously from a toilet. I don’t often take pictures in such places but have seen similar signs before and have always been amused by it. Of course I know the intended meaning but when I see foreign objects I start thinking of international food, electronic and clothing items!

Throughout the trip we managed to find some very local restaurants (some planned and some spur-of-the-moment ones!) without any tourists. Theory is that if a place is popular then it must be good and working on this basis served us well. One such place was in the Mong Kok area (can’t remember exactly where!) where we had some great noodle dishes and drinks too. Jackpot Restaurant was on the other side of the harbour and close to Sheung Wan station. Both places were packed with locals and the food was simple but great tasting.


The amusingly titled Wanko clothing stores seem to be quite common throughout Hong Kong and I just couldn’t resist!


In such an urban area my wife was longing for a bit of nature so on our final afternoon we took the tram to the Hong Kong park area which we had previously visited back in 2012 on what was our first overseas trip together. The modern architectural wonder known as the Lippo Centre (below) was our aim and from there we went to the park via some church that my wife wanted to go in. It was quite busy inside but the majority of people inside only seemed to be there to rest and enjoy the air-conditioning!


My wife had just taken the picture of me amidst the fountain (below) when I bumped into my ex-collegue Christian who was out on a field-trip of sorts with some students who wanted to  conduct a survey with me. Another day and yet another interview in Hong Kong following my live guest appearance on the BBC Radio Leicester Football Forum earlier in the week! I had actually arranged to meet up with him in the evening but we certainly hadn’t planned this meeting of chance!


The rest of the afternoon was spent looking around the street art along the Hollywood Road area and then in the evening we again met up with Christian at Pier 3 as originally planned for some cheap drinks by the water. They even sold Walkers Crisps at one of the kiosks so I couldn’t resist a taste of home life!


I wanted to ride on the Star Ferry after bidding him a farewell so we took a quick trip across the water to Kowloon with the intention of pretty much returning instantly. Instead we came across some Marvel superhero photo opportunity exhibits and then decided to get some food before heading back to Central.


On the final morning I went out again by myself and this time went east to Shau Kei Wan station where I ascended the hill for 20 minutes which leads to Lei Yue Mun Park & Holiday Village which featured in ‘Infernal Affairs‘ (2002); the movie that became ‘The Departed‘ (2006) when it was given a Hollywood re-make.


It was quite interesting to see such a place and a slightly different side of Hong Kong (literally and figuratively) to the tourist areas not that we really ventured to those parts too much on this trip. We didn’t even go to The Peak this time!

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