On The Trail Of Shin Godzilla #6 – Tokyo

After a 12 year absence from Japan, ‘Shin Gojira‘ (2016) came out with shooting taking place in Tokyo from September 2015 onwards. Released 62 years after the original, it certainly pays homage to it with the inclusion of some classic Godzilla filming locations in the Japanese capital.

N.B. The time codes given are approximate and may be slightly different to the DVD or blu-ray versions.

It may seem like the first locale is in Shinagawa. The screen caption on 19 minutes even says that it’s Shinagawa Shrine but as I revealed in ‘On The Trail Of Shin Godzilla #1‘ this is movie magic for it wasn’t actually filmed there. Ichigaya Kamegaoka Hachimangu Shrine (below) is nearly ten kilometres to the north of Shinagawa and it doubles up as the place of worship where a crowd of people are seen running away from the atomic-breathed monster and climbing the shrine’s stone stairs. The address is 4-1 Ichigaya Honmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku. Ichigaya Station is just a few minutes walk away. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a few extra bonus shots of this nice shrine.


Sengakuji Station (below) on the Asakusa Subway Line is the next on-screen caption on 50 minutes but having been to both exit gates I have to say that neither of them look too much like the screenshot so I imagine this was also shot somewhere else.


There are a string of movie locations on 55 minutes playing true to themselves. Following brief shots of Hamamatsucho and Shimbashi there is a view of the Wako Building at the Ginza 4th street intersection. It famously appeared in the 1954 original when it’s clock tower part was torn off by Godzilla.


These locales all appear in a quick edit with Kasumigaseki next and that’s followed by another legendary locale from the original by way of the National Diet Building in Nagatacho.


The action moves out way out west to Tachikawa around the hour mark and it’s the Tama Monorail Operating Base (Izumichō 1078-92, Tachikawa-shi) where Yaguchi and Ishihara meet (below) to talk about the nuclear attack if I can be so vague! It’s a dangerous place and so access to the public is strictly prohibited but it is possible to poke your camera over the fence of a nearby apartment.


A 10 minute walk south of there is the Tachikawa Substitute Facility of the Government Headquarters for Disaster Countermeasures (

The final capital city location is Tokyo Station (below) which appears on 87 minutes as the film comes to a climax. It’s the red-brick built Marunouchi frontage on the western side of the station which is seen. It underwent an extensive five-year renovation which was completed in October 2012 with the historic century-old (it opened in 1914) side restored to pre-war condition. Four years later and it was heavily destroyed by Godzilla as he was executed pretty much on top of the station!


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Bonus: Here are a few bonus shots of Ichigaya Kamegaoka Hachimangu Shrine…


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7 Responses to On The Trail Of Shin Godzilla #6 – Tokyo

  1. Bravo ! As usual you did an incredible job ! Actually the only place I didn’t find for my own blog was the monorail operating base ! So thank to you, now I know 😉 Well it’s quite far and seems not easy to access but if I have time on day I shall go there 😉 Arigato !
    Oh one thing, actually Gogzilla crashed down on the South wing of Tokyo station and not the North wing. (The buildings are much too close on the north gate, on screen they are more distants)

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