Recreating McDonalds China’s Spam Oreo Burger (+ Matcha Beer, Green Tea Sandwiches & Jelly Drinks Which Look Like Sick Bags!)

There have been all kinds of burger creations over the years from the fast-food chains but this not many have created such a buzz as this one.

It was only available as a limited release in selected McDonalds locations in China for one day on 21st December 2020, and most of them had gone by lunchtime as they proved to be incredibly popular. Sad at missing out on such burger science many YouTubers and bloggers have recreated this unique burger including this video from UK-based food challenge YouTuber BeardMeetsFood which is how I came to know about it. Not wanting to miss out on the action, Tokyo Fox was keen to get in on the act.

My local supermarket didn’t have any Oreo biscuits but it did have Noir which is a local (and cheaper!) imitation of Oreos! Of course the buns are a little difficult to the ones served up in any branch of McDonalds. These burgers are incredibly easy to make as proved by the fact that I could do it! Just follow these instructions…

First, assemble your ingredients, slice the buns and add the amount of mayonnaise one desires.


Then, crush a few biscuits in a bowl.


Next, slice the block of Spam into thick pieces and fry until they turn brown.


Place two of those Spam slices onto the bun and then sprinkle (dump in my case!) the crushed up biscuits on top. It’s likely to get messy.


Finally, add the top bun and you have something similar to the McDonalds China Spam Oreo burger.

As for the taste, I actually quite enjoyed it and the mix of sweet and savoury blended quite well meaning that neither were too overpowering. Admittedly, it’s nothing too special but it was fun to assemble and I would recommend trying it at least once should you want to try something different.

For the record, this is the aforementioned video (below) where BeardMeetsFood challenged himself to eat ten of them which, by his standards, was a fairly easy task!

Bonus: Earlier that same day, on the way back from Japan Olympic Museum, I stopped off at a Family Mart convenience store to try their new gimmicky chicken burger.

On the subject of original creations, this green beer (below) was consumed during a recent bike ride! As much as I like matcha for a hot drink I’m never so keen on it as a flavour of chocolate or snack. I am a sucker for unique and interesting concoctions though such as the world’s richest matcha ice cream, and likewise for this green-coloured beer which was much better than I thought it would be. It cost 700 yen from Kaminari Issa (1-15-9 Hanakawado) in Taito-ku. A few days later I wasted more money on the green tea strawberry dessert sandwich which was nice but certainly not worth such a financial outlay!

These magical mystery Pretz flavour sticks (below) came out last year but bypassed me. Having picked up a couple of cheap boxes in a discount snack store I was ultimately disappointed by their so-called taste-changing gimmick.

If you’re about to eat, then you may want to look away from the next bit as these two jelly drinks (below) are far from conventional flavours. I tried both the kombu (a type of seaweed) onigiri and katusoboshi onigiri (bonito flake rice ball) flavours, and though they were okay in taste they sure did look absolutely disgusting when poured into a glass! It just goes to show that you’re sometimes better off not seeing what certain canned or packaged beverages look like!

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