Dining Out: Whoopi Goldburger!

Going out for a burger isn’t usually worthy of an entry on this site but the place I went to a couple of weeks ago is an interesting little place. Apart from the occasional 100 yen burger from McDonalds I rarely ever eat burgers here in Japan and never do I think its worth splashing out around a 1000 yen+ on one as I’d rather spend that money on something else. However, I made an exception for W.P Gold Burger (1-9-4 Shibuya) which is just round the corner from one of my schools and situated on a quiet back street.


The place is basically a tiny bar with about 10 counter seats and supposedly standing room for customers when its busy! I’ve since read that the bar is made from boat parts but I can’t say that I noticed that. As it was the evening when we went we had to buy a drink but at 500 yen a beer it wasn’t all that bad. There are plenty of other types of international beers available too.


Two Hokkaido guys run the bar which was showing skateboarding action (I am a former skateboarder y’know) on the small TV located above a collection of fake moustaches! Not sure what that’s about but of course the main reason for going is the food. The majority of the nine burgers on offer are named after a famous celebrity in pun-tastic fashion. I’m talking Whoopi Gold Burger, Kevin Bacon Burger & Charlotte Gains Burger to name a few. Even by my standards they are awful puns! The huge Aussie beef patties seemed to have some spices added to them and the hand-made mash (or fries) which came with it contained some special salt which gave it a really interesting taste.


Its not often one advises potential visitors to go to the toilet but its worth at least taking a peek at the decor in this one which includes a picture of some nudie ladies, a poster of where nuclear reactors are around the world and beneath that is the message seen on the door in the photo below left.


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