TF Top 10……James Bond Filming Locations From The Daniel Craig Era

After multiple delays due to Covid_19 it seems like the 25th Eon-produced James Bond film is finally ready (I won`t believe it until I`m watching it in the cinema!) to see the light of day having been finished and ready for about 18 months now. In terms of duration, Daniel Craig has played 007 for longer than any of the other actors but he is adamant that this will be his fifth and final time as the double agent.

In terms of Bond filming locations, Norway and the Faroe Islands make their debut appearances whilst England, Italy, Scotland and Jamaica return. Since `Casino Royale` (2006), locales have included Czech Republic, Italy, Bahamas, England, Austria, Chile, Panama, Turkey Scotland and Mexico. I`ve not quite visited them all but have done a more than a fair few. Here, in particular order, are my favourite ten locales from the last four 007 films…

1. Bond earns his license to kill @ Danube House, Prague (Czech Republic) – Beginning in black and white, this was the first time we saw Daniel Craig in action.


Seen in `Casino Royale` (2006). More details here

2. MI6 Headquarters @ Albert Embankment, London (UK) – Having appeared in the final two Pierce Brosnan films, it reappears as MI6 in the third Craig outing and is soon blown up. It was later seen in its derelict and abandoned state in `Spectre` (2015).


Seen in `Skyfall` (2012) and `Spectre` (2015). More details here

3. Bond gives chase in Istanbul @ Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (Turkey) – Quite possibly my favourite ever pre-titles sequence as Bond and Eve are on the hunt for a stolen hard drive as they pursue the assailant through Eminonou Square, the Grand Bazaar and the spectacular Varda Bridge.


Seen in `Skyfall` (2012). More details here

4. M`s House @ Knightsbridge, London (UK) – M arrives back at her house and is surprised to find Bond waiting for her. This place was once the home of 007 composer John Barry who passed away a year prior to the film being released.


Seen in `Skyfall` (2012). More details here

5. The Lakeside Retreat @ Villa del Balbianello, Como (Italy) – Bond recovers from his beating by Le Chiffre with the help of Vespa (Eva Green) at the same place where Anakin and Padmé went in `Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones` (2002).


Seen in `Casino Royale` (2006). More details here

6. Bond`s Apartment @ Notting Hill, London (UK) – Moneypenny takes the remains of previous M’s destroyed office to the Bond residence.


Seen in `Spectre` (2015). More details here

7. The “Shanghai” high-rise building @ Broadgate Tower, London (UK) – Bond follows hitman Patrice into this tall glass building in “China” where they inevitably engage in a bout of fisticuffs.


Seen in `Skyfall` (2012). More details here

8. The “Bolivian” Hotel @ Casca Viejo, Panama City (Panama) – Unhappy with her original choice as part of their cover, Bond takes MI6 officer Strawberry Fields (Gemma Arterton) to this much fancier “hotel”.


Seen in `Quantum Of Solace` (2008). More details here

9. Bond rushes to save `M` @ Willis Faber Building, London (UK) – This locale appears earlier in the film as M is driven to a meeting with Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) at this building near the Tower of London. It reappears later as Bond chases Silva.


Seen in `Skyfall` (2012). More details here

10. Bond finds Mr White @ Villa La Gaeta, Como (Italy) – “The name’s Bond…James Bond” is said for the first time in this rebooted era as the film comes to an end at this private Italian villa.


Seen in `Casino Royale` (2006). More details here

Bonus: Silva`s secret island lair @ Hashima Island (a.k.a. Gunkanjima), Nagasaki (Japan) – Bond is seen cruising on a boat with the exotic-looking Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe) to the abandoned island of Raoul Silva where he is is taken prisoner. The long shots seen from the boat were real but the rest was all shot back at the famous Pinewood Studios which has been the home of so many 007 films.


Seen in `Skyfall` (2012). More details here

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