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On Screen #7 – Cambodia

This south-east Asian country is one with such a troubled past so it is with a hint of embarrassment that my gateway to all things Cambodian came from a movie based on a popular video game. Yes, it was indeed … Continue reading

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TF Top Ten-uous……Halloween Themed Filming Locations

With Halloween night soon approaching it seems like a good opportunity to delve into the Tokyo Fox archives and bring you some flimsy links to one of the years most exciting calendar events featuring movie locations relating to horror films, superhero … Continue reading

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Cambodia Filming Locations: City Of Ghosts & R-Point

Ever since I saw ‘City Of Ghosts‘ for the first time in 2010 I have been interested in the Old Bokor Hill location which appears towards the end of the movie. Further online research informed me that a Korean movie … Continue reading

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Cambodia 2015 Pt V: Bokor Hill Station

My main reason for going over to Kampot was to visit the Bokor Hill Station area and my original plan was to take a $12 tour bus to see it all. However, the night before the very nice hotel manager … Continue reading

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