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The Forest Temple Which Has A Slight Ghibli Feel To It

After countless visits to Izu I really did think we had just about exhausted every possible place worth visiting. However, my wife noticed an advert on the Izu Kyūkō Line trains showing an old temple which looked quite interesting due … Continue reading

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On The Hunt For Another Temple Dedicated To Japanese Turtle-Like Humanoids

Japan is home to quite a few mythical folkloric creatures with one of the most famous ones being the bipedal, turtle-like aquatic goblins known as Kappa. If you’ve ever been to Kappa Zushi you may have noticed the creature on … Continue reading

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The Search For A Big Buddha Statue As Part Of The Izu 88 Temple Pilgrimage

  The 88 temples of Shikoku is a fairly well-known pilgrimage done by about 300,000 people each year but little did I know that there is a lesser one of similar nature in an area of Shizuoka Prefecture which has … Continue reading

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