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Dining Out: “Japanese” Food In England

This trip back to the UK was mostly about enjoying some good old-fashioned British food but when we went off on our own, my wife and I were both keen to try what is advertised as Japanese food in a … Continue reading

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Journey To The Centre Of The Izu Peninsula

The pungent root that is wasabi is one that divides many people. Haters often demand  sushi chefs leave it out of their dishes for a number of reasons such as fear of it getting up their noses, making their eyes water and of … Continue reading

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Review: Films Set In Japan – ‘Wasabi’ (2001)

Jean Reno, of Mission Impossible fame, (the French guy with a beard) is a Cop who comes to Japan after he finds out his ex-Japanese girlfriend has died. The will is read out and what do you know but he … Continue reading

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