The Philippines 2007 Pt II – Island Hopping In El Nido

After taking a cramped bus to Taytay the Belgians and I decided to just carry on for an extra couple of hours to our intended destination of El Nido in north-west Palawan which we did by paying the driver a handsome sum (still very cheap by our standards). About the only available accommodation belonged to a man who looked put-out when we showed up offering him money to stay at his place for a night or two. Still it was only P300 (just over £3) for the night though probably the most basic of all the accommodation I stayed in and thats saying something! After some dinner and a couple of Red Horse beers we booked on to a snorkelling tour for the next day.

I woke up to what sounded like Noahs Ark outside but was in reality just a pig chained up behind my hut. Not surprisingly we changed places after that with me going to a hut with splendid views of the Bacuit Bay. It was fantastic weather on the snorkelling tour which took us on a boat tour around many islands with the main one being Matinloc Island where we went to the beautiful Secret Beach which true to form is not really secret as everyone knows about it as its in all guidebooks and maps. This was lovely turquoise coloured sea well-hidden and provided our first area for snorkelling.

After that all the islands blended into one as we stopped off at many and did lots and lots of snorkelling and of course I ended up burning my back despite applying my Japanese-bought sun lotion. Thats the last time I use that! At one of the later islands I was invited on to a big boat where a family and their friends were having a birthday party and I was treated to some unbelievable Filipino hospitality and I even got the chance to cut a piece of meat from the pig they had cooked.


In the evening we had some local fish specialities and after that myself and Nichola (an English girl on our tour) went out for a few drinks where we met a Filipino called Lester whose name alone was of great interest to me! We played pool for beers and then went to a karaoke bar which was basically empty and we partied till about 2.30am.

It was a cloudy start to the following day which saw us take another tour around the islands and it even rained a little (it did get back to normal later thankfully) when we got to the crytsal clear saltwaters of Big Lagoon on Miniloc Island. There was also a Small Lagoon which was only accessible by swimming through a small hole.

Both were very nice and there was another lagoon to come in the form of Secret Lagoon which was accessed by climbing through a hole in the rock. I saw a nice sunset at night near my lodgings and had drinks at a beach bar with a load of people from the two tours and after a spot of dinner we attended a fiesta which was taking place on the street right outside my place and this festival of dance, music and drinking carried on into the early hours. Having had a big one the night before I lasted until about 1am before hitting the sack.

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