Euro Trip 2008/09 Pt II – Leicestershire (UK)

The Eurostar took me from Paris to London St Pancras and from there I took another train back to my hometown arriving in the early hours of the morning at my parents house. No such reverse-culture shocks this year as it was the third time to be back in 12 months! It was good to be back and as I get older I appreciate it more and more though, overall, it wasn’t on a par with last December’s festivities.

Maybe the credit crunch played a part in this but I think it was because my friends and I are getting older and with that other old school friends coming out of the woodwork on Christmas eve is becoming even rarer. On top of that I was back last year for the first time in years and so being reaquainted with what was once so familiar didn’t have as much of an impact this year.

festivebreak08-09 062  

I went out for a few beers on Christmas eve afternoon and many more at night which didn’t live up to last years outing. Christmas day was always gonna be more quiet as it was just my parents and me with sister Lorna and husband Stuart coming back for just one night on the 27th in anticipation of my dad’s birthday on the 29th. Boxing day was still quite good with a heavy afternoons drinking and party at my mates house following the Fernie Hunt meet in the local village which was attended by about 2000 people.


I did get to see my team Leicester City in action on the 27th against Hereford United in what was my first ever third tier league match. Nothing too special but at least we won and stay top of the league and on course for an automatic return to the Championship.


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