Italia 2009: Pompeii

Experience told me that I would wake up early on my first day (after the previous days 14 hour flight) I decided to head straight down to the Naples area as I really wanted to go there and thought it best to get it done and dusted sooner rather than later. One of the places I visited was Pompeii which was very interesting to look at although that novelty wore off as I wandered aimlessly among the ruins in the strong afternoon heat trying not to get sunburned as I still hadn’t bought any suncream. Hence, why I am wearing a long sleeved t-shirt and long pants in most of the photos.

Italy Aug '09 096  Italy Aug '09 097  Italy Aug '09 102  Italy Aug '09 108

Sadly there wasn’t so much in the way of information boards which are usually sufficient for me. Without a map or info on the history of the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius it was quite hard to get a real feel for the place but a guide would have driven me crazy, making me more tired and with very little information being retained in all likelihood.

Italy Aug '09 105  Italy Aug '09 113  Italy Aug '09 121  Italy Aug '09 127  Italy Aug '09 132  Italy Aug '09 135

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