Cycling The A-Z Of Tokyo – Part I

‘Cycling The A-Z Of Tokyo – Prelude’ can be read here.

After some very sh*tty weather recently, the forecast for Sunday 18th April was sunny and so it was that I left my home by bicycle at 7:35 am that morning to get to Harajuku for an 8:30 start at its other station; the metro known as Meiji-jingumae. It was quite strange being in this place when it was empty as opposed to its usual over-crowded status. I was even able to ride up the usually jam-packed Takeshita-dori shopping street and while waiting for my partner-in-crime Michael to turn up I thought I’d try and get a photo of me on my bike at the entrance to Meiji Shrine as I wanted the ‘A-Z’ journey through Tokyo to feature a few landmarks that weren’t just stations or subway entrances.

So this latest bicycle tour of Tokyo got underway at about 8:45 am and a few minutes later, following a pit-stop at Omotesando Hills (some fancy shopping complex), we were at Omotesando station. Daikanyama, Ebisu, Naka-Meguro and Fudomae were all ticked off within an hour. Gotanda soon followed even though Ginza was later planned to represent ‘G’. This was added spontaneously as I work there which could add a little bit more weight and justification for covering this fairly meaningless challenge in a lesson or two!

Michael was solely in charge of navigation and knows his way round Tokyo well unlike most people who live in this metropolis and just rely on the trains to get around. He thought it a good idea to do a few obscure minor stations like Takanawadai and Shirokane-Takanawa as back-up.

Azabu-juban was likewise and was an area we had been through before back in November as covered in ‘Tokyo Filming Locations Pt IV’. Akabane-bashi was my intended ‘A’ station for the reason that it was featured in a catchy song performed on the BBC show ‘Adam & Joe Go Tokyo’ many years ago. Tokyo Tower provided the backdrop before we went through Roppongi which was not so recognisable to me in the daytime given that its a place to eat, drink and party at nights.

The National Diet Building, Imperial Palace and the Godzilla statue (yet again!) were all seen and photographed as we took in Hibiya-Yurakucho, Hibiya and Ginza before embarking on the longest stretch we would have to do between stations.


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