Game Over In Shimo-Akatsuka

The curtain came down on my time in Shimo-Akatsuka school last Wednesday (15th December) after 5.5 years. As it was a split day I also made my exit from Narimasu but I’ve been there and done that once already! For 15 months I have been waiting to hear this news as these schools became part of a different district a year and a half ago. Teachers from my district have gradually been phased out over this time and with a supposed deadline of this Christmas I knew the writing was on the wall.

Even though I knew it was coming I was still a bit surprised to hear the news but it didn’t take me so long to get used to the idea of moving school even though it means I’ve got to travel a lot further from next January. I was more happy than sad on my final day which is not to say that I didn’t feel emotional at times throughout the day. I really liked all the classes but I have probably got as much out of them as I can so I realise its time to move on and let someone else have a go.

I have taught some of them for quite a long time and met my afternoon class of ladies for lunch before the lesson and that was followed later in the afternoon by two very enjoyable kids classes. The fact that it was also Christmas lesson time meant it was a good high to go out on.


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