Hiking In Fukushima Pt II: Goshikinuma

So what exactly did I end up doing on my first day in Fukushima I hear you ask! Following the setback mentioned at the start of ‘Hiking in Fukushima Pt I‘ I decided to head back to Koriyama station which I had passed through a short time before. My plan was basically to just switch the two one-day itineraries and so I headed on to Inawashiro from where Bandai Toto buses to Goshikinuma thankfully run a lot more often. Half an hour later, after an arduous morning, I was at my destination where I did the 3.7km nature trail around Five Colours Lakes. For the record they get their name due to the colours – emerald green, cobalt blue etc – created by the mineral deposits from volcanic eruption.


This Bandai-san area in Fukushima has been on my ‘to do’ list for many many years now and having cancelled the trip there in October due to averse weather conditions I thought I’d try again. Mount Bandai is in my background in the photos above and below. Bishamonnuma was the first lake and the biggest one with an amazing turquoise colour and giant koi (carp). Seeing this beautiful lake was a bit of relief after all the travelling I’d done so far that day.


The area is supposedly famous for Asiatic black bears but I was very sceptical of such claims despite the sign above saying to beware of the bear. I’d probably have to say that my favourite lake was the one below which was far more peaceful and tranquil with less visitors and also minus the rowing boats seen at the first place.


I walked the leisurely hiking trail end to end and then back again as I didn’t want to wait for a bus at the other end. Besides I had time to kill and so the 17.10 bus to Inawashiro station worked out well as I was able to instantly catch an express train to Koriyama where I had a hotel booking.

There wasn’t too much to do ahead of the following days trip to Jyododaira apart from seeing this geiger counter thing (below) outside the station which I assume has something to do with radiation levels in the area which is only about 34 miles (55 km) west of the infamous Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. I filled my bottle with tap water the next morning and have felt no ill effects of such a ‘dangerous’ activity! A couple of minutes away from that is the Koriyama City Fureai Science Center “Space Park” which has an observation deck on its 24th floor where I could see fine view of the towns below and the mountains in the distance.


Furthermore, just getting to Fukushima station and back was a new experience for me as I rode on the Shinkansen (bullet train) for the first time ever which was one of the things I wrote about last October regarding ‘Things I’ve never done in Japan‘.


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12 Responses to Hiking In Fukushima Pt II: Goshikinuma

  1. makiko says:

    you really do nice pics, very beautiful! i must go there in near future, having NOT prepared for the bears though.
    how was shinkansen then???

    • tokyofox says:

      I guess i need to look at a map of Japan to really truly appreciate the full extent of how quick it was as I have to say that I didn’t really notice the speed myself. Thanks for the compliment regarding the pics. Goshikinuma is a really easy place to hike as its pretty much flat

      • makiko says:

        agree. i’ve never felt the speed of it either.
        thank you for the information about goshikinuma!
        worth trying really!

  2. Barbara says:

    Is it an option to visit this area in winter? We will be travelling from Nikko to Sendai after Christmas and it seems a pity to miss it. We did the walk between Magome and Tsumago in the middle of winter and loved it (even though the locals thought we were crazy). The bears there were asleep 🙂

    • tokyofox says:

      hi there. thanks for your comment. Firstly, I should say I have no idea about visiting in Winter (thats my disclaimer if you go and are unsuccessful!) but I really can’t see why not. Goshikinuma’s not much of a walk really but nice enough for a quick stop as you go between places I guess. Could look really nice in the winter actually. I guess the main problem is the public transport right? if you’ve got a car then no problem. I would assume buses are not too frequent in winter. good luck

  3. Steve says:

    That area is probably radioactive. The government there is down playing the extent. But you might want to bring a Geiger counter with you if you go that close to Fukushima. Some experts have said that the radioactivity is at a circumference of 130 Km around Fukushima. And the core rods are still hot.

  4. Amazing, am looking for the place for hiking in Fukushima.
    Thanks for the pictures

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