TF Recipes #2 – Sashimi On Toast

Way back in 2010 we introduced you to the fine delicacy that is miso-on-toast (seen here in TF Recipes #1) and now, over three and a half years later, is the not-so anticipated follow up!

Follow these five simple steps to make an authentic (?) Japanese dish…

Step One: Put one or two slices of bread into the toaster for around 2 mins

Step Two: Use a knife to spread butter on the toast (if desired) and, after you have done that, add the pieces of salmon or maguro (tuna) and it should look like something like this. (below)


Step Three: Place the slices of sashimi on toast back into the toaster oven for an extra minute to lightly grill the masterpiece. (below)

IMG_3280  IMG_3281

Step Four: When toasted the sashimi-on-toast should look something like this once you’ve added anything extra you may like such as cucumber, shiso and mayonnaise. (below)

IMG_3284  IMG_3286

Step Five: Put the sashimi-on-toast in your mouth and eat it. (below)

IMG_3287  IMG_3288

But what did it taste like I hear you ask. Only one way to find out!!

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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