A Super Sonic Blue Curry Which Makes Your Poo Change Colour…Or Does It?

Curry and rice is basically my daily staple at work. It’s cheap, relatively low in calories (172 kcal), quick and easy to make. Back in early October my colleague Sharlotte saw me about to prepare one of these curries (I don’t think the words “cook” or even “make” can be used for just putting a package in the microwave for a couple of minutes!) and mentioned a unique coloured curry she’d seen online. Not only that but it turns your poop blue! I was keen to put it to the test.

She said she’d come across Sonic the Hedgehog blue curry but the boxes were not sold in shops or individually. Instead they had to be purchased in a pack of five boxes for ¥2700 (£19.50/$26) but I said I’d happily buy a couple of them (¥540 each) to share the cost. Sharlotte didn’t waste any time and ordered them there and then. Click on this link if you want to buy a package. 

Naturally, I had completely forgotten about it all until she whipped out the pre-packaged curry the following week. They then got dumped in our food cupboard and many many weeks passed before I even noticed the box again. With my wife out the way one day last weekend I needed to make something for lunch and, with some leftover rice to finish, it seemed like a good time to not only try the curry but see the after effects in the comfort of my own home!


Like all packaged curries, there are two ways of preparing it. You can either put the plastic pouch in boiling water for five minutes or you can use the microwave. The former is the better way to truly empty the packet of all it’s contents but I went for the lazier and easier option! What followed took me by surprise!

Of course I knew beforehand that it was blue but I’m not sure if I really believed it. I just thought there might be a hint of blue amongst the brown colour and certainly didn’t think it would be as vivid as it was. Unbelievable! I have no idea how it gets it’s blue colour and to be honest it’s probably best to not know!

It seems that this special promotional product collaboration between SEGA and Geek Life has been around for a couple of years but I was unaware of that.

The taste was actually fine and not so different to the the regular cheap beef curry I often have for lunch. Like a child, I prefer to mix it all up which doesn’t help make it any more appealing! It just looks so wrong and not surprisingly it turns your tongue (and teeth) blue. Is it worth ¥540? Probably not but it is fun and exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from Japan!

Warning: As the title says this curry is not just about the unique colour but the effect it has on your bowels so the following segment contains details that some of a sensitive nature may not wish to read about. You have been warned!

The curry is named after the fastest hedgehog in the world and it actually went right through me just as quickly! I was in the toilet within minutes of finishing it. However, when I looked down into the toilet everything looked fairly normal. What a disappointing end to this dining-in experience!

Or so I thought!!

Then five days later, when the dish had long been erased from my mind, I went to the toilet to do my business having been a little constipated for the previous 24-36 hours or so. It felt good but a little different so I stood up and looked down at my work! It wasn’t what I expected to see! At first I wasn’t sure if it was just some kind of bleach that had been previously put down the toilet by my wife. However, all was revealed when I wiped myself clean and saw a sky blue smear on the toilet paper. I don’t think I’ve ever been so delighted by such a mundane and functional item!

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3 Responses to A Super Sonic Blue Curry Which Makes Your Poo Change Colour…Or Does It?

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  2. Darius Atkinson says:

    How the fuck have I just found this? Why does this exist?

    • tokyofox says:

      Haha! Yeah it escaped me for ages too, probably because it’s only available online (as far as I know!)! Who wouldn’t want to eat such a thing??!!!

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